Featured imageLOL. People cringe every time I say “LOL” in offline conversations. Most of the time they say, “why don’t you just laugh?” Funny huh? Lol. For real why do I have to really laugh? I like to put my twitter savviness to use and go with the times. So why don’t they just let me.

Let me get this, they can say “YOLO” and “selfie” but I cannot say “LOL”? SMH!  Talking about shaking of heads, they don’t really shake their heads when they say “SMH”. Do they? Nobody rolls on the floor or really laughs their asses off when they say “ROTFLMAO”. I don’t see them singing praises when they say “TGIF” and sometimes a good number of them have nothing to really be thankful for – for one they do not have a job and their weekend is probably going to suck because it’s not like they’ve made any interesting plans. 

Moreso, sometimes I like to be vocal about feelings that I’m either too lazy to express or unsure of how to express, so I just put them into words. And if those words already have an already accepted shortened form, oh well, Good for me!

People from different places use slangs they picked from where they came from, what’s wrong with me repping my home town; twitter? Indeed as a patriotic twitterian, I would suggest that twitter slangs be used more often and in fact we reduce our everyday speeches to 140 characters or less at any given time.

I would like people to let me LOL in peace. For one it is very energy efficient and I am utterly glad I can finally find a way of expressing myself at twitter-like humour – the kind that only manages to tickle. That’s all from me and as you enjoy the rest of your day endeavour to LOL.


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