Vanity Post


After more than two years of reckless postponement I finally got myself to watch the last two seasons of the big bang theory. O boy! The boys have grown and the girls hmmm… Bernadette Bernadette. What can I say? All in all it was too much fun getting to waff and waff and waff at kwiky and the others make nerdy jokes about life.

I also got to see those vanity cards that came up at the end of every episode. Oh yeah, I am one of those people that sits through the credits with my index finger on the spacebar of my laptop ready to pause as soon as it appears. Sometimes the vanity card tries to be as funny as the show, other times it helps you think about life a lot more differently and a good number of times it is just what it is; a vanity card – without an iota of meaning to ascribe to itself.

Like those vanity cards this is a vanity post and it really does have nothing much to say. It been nice leading you thus far, you can click away now. See ya! 🙂


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