Game Of Numbers

I have 1999 followers of twitter, 217 BBM contacts, 287 IG followers. “Modest figures” you say. I know. Still does not make me any different from others caught up in this endless game of numbers. Like everyone else, I want more. The story is the same; I will stop once I get my first 100, then 1000. Until we get to 100k and 1M looks like the red line. A red line no different from the ones before it.


We have let number define us too much and you do not have to be a mathematician to realize that numbers are a vain method of valuing ourselves as human beings. Our account balance, our age, our IQ, our body counts, our weight. Numbers. Vague numbers. That tell us how many or how much of something we have. They make no effort to provide any form of qualitative assessment. Numbers reduce people to mere statistic.
Numbers deny us the juicy stories that lurk behind them. They do not tell us how gracefully we have aged or how purposefully we have lived, how genuine our sources of income are, how we impact the lives of our twitter followers or whether we care about our BBM contacts. Numbers are cold and hard and we too have become cold and hard in order to climb the number ladder – makes me remember Nicholas Cage and John Travolta in Face Off; to catch him, he must be him. Epic movie!


With numbers better only means more. “More”, that fuels our greed. If not, what is a person doing with – the kind of money Dasuki personalized? Nobody is going to save us from this “arodan” that we have embarked upon – like children that will not let their mothers rest we roam the streets from pillar to post looking for what was never lost.
As I impatiently wait to get that 2000th follower that will see me join the 2k club of twitter, ironically I begin to realize the vanity and the lessons I could learn from it. Living in today’s world with even far more vain numbers has helped me realize this – perhaps sooner than I would have ten years ago. I still want that 2000th follower. Whether I set my eyes on 3k followers after now or I take my own advice, posterity will tell.


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