Give God A Break And Ask Your Neighbour, “Who You Epp?”

So I watched this video on YouTube about an innovative company called Watly. Watly is building a facility that generates electricity independently using Solar energy while also working as a water purifying plant and providing internet connectivity – wow!

All the way from Europe, it is pretty much interesting to note that some people are designing solutions for some of the challenges we face in Africa – Neat. They made series of videos about their campaign and my flair for innovative technology got me going from one to the next.

One pretty interesting and common occurrence in some of the videos is the fact that when Ghanaians are depicted in their clips, they are shown singing and clapping (to God, I suppose). I am not an atheist and trust me I am not the Antichrist, but seriously,  for how long are we going to continue like this?

I like to believe that our over dependence on God is some sort of laziness. We are too lazy to go out and better our world and so we quickly erect a structure run into it and start worshipping God.

I will not flog this horse any further, I believe it has been laid bare before us many times and I have only come to add my own quota to it. we will not see any form of development on our continent until we learn to look more within ourselves for ways to better our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with.

So my country people, I ask una, who you epp?



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