a collection of mind changing quotes and witty lines from random sources

People get what they get, not what they deserve.

people die, don’t act like you just figured that out.

She dumped me when i lost the last 85 pounds, she said there was less of me to love.

Your conscience bleeds more than my heart.

Q: D’you mind if i come in?     A: No. D’you mind if i leave?

Not everybody is created equal.

We can aspire to do anything, but we don’t get it because we want it.

I want something to be different because of me.

Almost dying changes nothing, dying changes everything.

Do we have another patient who’s almost done with living. – House M.D

We’ve gone from making no sense to making less sense and taking one step back.

The fact that it didn’t prove, anything didn’t prove anything.

From now on no one says anything, unless no ones said it before.

It’s something, which means we should treat her for something.

Holding public office is not a dream come true, it is a key  to making dreams come true.

Who among this generation had shoes growing up. in response to GEJ’s “i had no shoes…”

Someone of GEJ’s mental capacity should not be found anywhere near the presidency except as swimming pool manager.

Not everyone who drops sh!t on you is your enemy.

Not everyone who gets you out of sh!t is your friend.

When you are in sh!t, especially deep sh!t, keep your mouth shut.

Bullsh!t might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there.

To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.

To know why a manager is famous look at the work of his subordinates.

It doesn’t matter how ridiculous your idea is, what matters is whom you have as a supervisor.

If you want to know why someone undeserving gets a promotion look at the work of his subordinates.

If you are not good at your job, find other ways to inspire your subordinates to be better.

It doesn’t matter how bad your performance is what matters is whether your boss likes you or not.

Carry as big a bucket as you can but build a pipeline by the side.

No matter how big a bucket is, it will eventually dry up.

Some people are so used to carrying buckets they think it’s the only way.

130million people can be wrong.

Just because 130million people are comfy with it doesn’t mean you should.

Think pipeline.

Nothing that enters a man from outside can make him impure.

Chaos anarchy and doom, and we’ve gotten to anarchy already!

Faith without good works.

Nigger: I don’t know how to start, Me: then don’t start.

All ye niggas that be promising and not fulfilling, since 1998, the lord God might be patient, but don’t push it. It’s 2012 already.

All ye niggas playing God wayo, God is watching ya on plasma screen.

All ye niggas that be promising and not fulfilling, are you saying God hasn’t kept his end of the deal.

All ye niggas that be promising and not fulfilling, my word for you, don’t promise what you can’t fulfill.

A lie is as good as the truth if you can get someone to believe it.

I’m really easy to get along with once people learn to worship me

100,000 sperm and you were the fastest?!

…i told you it was random. Didn’t I?


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