Geek Mode


We look for phones with the most amazing features, buy them only to turn off most of those exciting features in order to save battery. Because what’s the point having a great phone like say the Samsung galaxy S4 that cannot stay on.
Our constant struggle is doing our best to keep our phones alive. We run around looking for chargers then sockets that match so we can charge our phones. We become doctors in the ER doing all we can to save our dying device. The “battery low” signal has thus become the only warning we take any seriously.


Currently available solutions such as power banks and solar chargers can only do so much, however we cannot deny that they present with some cumbersomeness that make them a little inconvenient to use.
For so long when buying a new device we look at features like, processor speed, internal memory, expandable memory, wifi, bluetooth, 3G,camera and flash etc. When battery life finally makes it to the list, it isn’t much of a priority. But then what’s the point having all these if your phone cannot stay on.
In procuring a new device, I really think battery life should top the list of priorities, like top five. Especially in third world countries like ours where power is never constant. Keeping our phones on is an even harder struggle.
I wouldn’t mind a few more millimetres of thickness for a bigger battery, but then it goes beyond battery size. New technology should be harnessed that enables batteries last longer. Efficient battery usage that minimizes wastage in currently available operating systems, especially the android OS would also come in very handy.

In 2014, I really don’t see much that can be added to mobile devices and so whichever company that comes out with a great battery life offer might just the crowned king.


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